Pen Twist 'n' Stand Bundle
Pen Twist ‘n’ Stand Bundle

Pen Twist ‘n’ Stand Bundle


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3D printed Pen Twist ‘n’ Stand Bundle. Includes 9 Pen Twists, 1 Prep Wand, 1 Stand.

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The Pen Twist ‘n’ Stand Bundle was created to fill a need for a stable pen holder to cure UV resin pens in a UV lightbox. Each Pen Twist ‘n’ Stand Bundle comes with 9 Pen Twists, 1 Twist Stand that holds up to 9 Pen Twists, and 1 Prep Wand. Colors will vary and bundles may have mixed colors.

The Pen Twists fit “Papermate Inkjoy Gel” and “Sharpie S-Gel” style retractable gel pens as well as other similar brands. The tip of the Pen Twists is sized to fit the end cap of the “Inkjoy” style pens to allow for prep and cure.


Pen Twist ‘n’ Stand Demo Video

How to Use:

The Pen Twist ‘n’ Stand is easy to use – simply insert a Pen Twist into the empty tube of a pen and twist until the pen is secure. For best fit, make sure to twist the pen down until there is only about a 2-3 mm gap between the edge of the pen and the base of the Pen Twist. Once the pen is secure, you can then twist on a Prep Wand to the Pen Twist and use that to hold your pen for painting, decorating, and applying UV resin/Epoxy/Crystalac.

When your pen is ready to cure, simply twist the Pen Twist onto the stand and place it in the UV lightbox, under a UV light, or in the sun* – to cure. The Pen Twist ‘n’ Stand may also be used to cure pens using the ‘hang’ method, or to set pens aside while curing/drying from paint, glue, and/or Crystalac.

When your pen is cured/finished, twist the pen off of the Pen Twist, assemble your newly decorated pen, and Enjoy!


*The Pen Twists and Twist Stands are made from thermoset 3D filament. So, when placing the Pen Twist ‘n’ Stand in the sun – be careful not to allow it to get too hot or it could soften, melt, or warp. Pens with UV resin do not need to be left in the sun for longer than 15-20 minutes to achieve a proper cure.


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