Pen Tools Starter Kit


The Pen Tools Starter Kit has the tools you need to start making glitter pens.

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The Pen Tools Starter Kit has the tools you need to start making glitter pens.

Add this Pen Tools Starter Kit to your craft arsenal and you'll be glad you did. You won't need to worry about trying to find all of the separate tools all over the place, get it all in one stop!

The Pen Tools Starter Kit comes with:

  • (1) Pen Cradle to help with decals and wraps.
  • (1) Sanding Block to get all of those uneven spots sanded down.
  • (2) Strips of 220 grit adhesive back sandpaper to attach to the Sanding Block.
  • (10) Silicone Straw Tips to go inside the end of your pen when you are painting – this prevents the paint from getting inside your pen.
  • (1) Flush Cutter to snip off clips on pens, the backing of buttons and charms, and anything else that needs a strong snip!
  • (1) Craft Knife for those delicate cuts that you might need to make VERY SHARP KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN!
  • (1) Straw Cleaner that fits perfectly inside the pens to clean out any dust or residue.
  • (10) Nitrile Gloves because you always want to protect your skin from ALL resin, whether it's 2-part epoxy or UV resin.
  • (1) Dust Mask to wear when you are sanding, keep all those dust particles out of your lungs.
  • (1) Bottle of White Acrylic Paint for those times that you don't want to spray paint but still want to do a base coat.
  • (1) Foam Paintbrush for the Acrylic Paint- I find that it works better to >dab< the paint on instead of >brush< it on. You'll get better coverage this way.

That's 30 Items to help you get your Creative Pen Making started!!!

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