Congratulations on bringing your pen crafting skills up to the next level! The Pen Twists & Prep Wands from are a great way to securely hold your pen while crafting.

There are currently 3 different styles of Pen Twists that can be used for different pens/pencils.

  • Standard Pen Twist – Fits Papermate Inkjoy Gel & Sharpie S-Gel pens.
  • Maker Pen Twist – Fits Makerflo Crafter's Series Pen & Pencil
  • Generic Pen Twist – Fits the generic metal pens that many suppliers carry now. (Not for Makerflo Crafter's pen)
  • Combo  Pen /Pencil -Fits Papermate Handwriting Pencil, Inkjoy Gel Pen & Sharpie S-Gel pen.

How to use your new Pen Twist

The Pen Twist & Prep Wands are super easy to use! Once you’ve taken your pen/pencil apart, follow these steps:

    • Insert the Pen Twist into the end of the pen/pencil – usually on the same side as the tip of the pen.
    • Use gentle pressure and twist the pen/pencil onto the threads of the Pen Twist until secure. You do not need to twist all the way down the threading, just until you feel the pen/pencil is secure on the Pen Twist.

        • Maker Pen Twists have an O-ring instead of threads, twist your pen barrel until it’s secure on the Pen Twist.

How to use your new Prep Wand

Once your pen/pencil is secure on the Pen Twist you can attach your Prep Wand.


    • Insert the threaded end of the Prep Wand into the bottom of the Pen Twist.
    • Twist the Prep Wand until it is securely attached to the Pen Twist.

And there you have it! Now you are ready to let your creativity soar with your pen/pencil.

Caution – DO NOT sand your pen/pencil when it is attached to the Pen Twist or Prep Wand. The force from sanding could cause either piece to bend and break.