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You will find my favorite products, tools, and resources here.

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UV Light to cure UV Resin

I have used the Sunlu UV light curing box for almost 2 years. I've slightly modified mine by removing the turntable to have more room and by lining the inner walls with reflective mirror vinyl. Watch this VIDEO to see how I modified my lightbox for maximum light exposure.

This MelodySusie 36W Nail Lamp is a wonderful option for those that prefer to use the ‘manicure-style' UV lamp. The removable mirror base is ideal for reflecting UV light to all exposed surfaces. 

Favorite UV Resin

The absolute BEST UV Resin is Resin Rockers UV. I love their Original UV Resin for doming, making jewelry, and general applications. I love their Skim Coat UV Resin for glitter pens, staplers, and coating just about anything with some shimmer and shine!

Resin Rockers UV Resin comparison chart

Andeta Glitters

They have some of the best glitters I have ever used! They have an amazing selection of colors and glitter sizes. You'll also find a great selection of rhinestones, acrylic blanks, and silicone molds. Click HERE and use coupon code StylishDragon

Resin Rockers

This is pretty close to being a one-stop shop for your resin crafting needs! They carry my favorite UV resins as well as epoxy resin, glitter, inclusions (all of the fun things you can add to shakers and snowglobes), charms, tools, and more! Click HERE for a discount on your first purchase!

Happy Fox Supply

This is the original vendor for those reusable plastic straws with cute designs! She has a huge assortment of designs with new ones coming in all the time! Check out her printed vinyl, too. Click HERE and use coupon code GETHAPPYFOX

Creative Fabrica

If you love to collect fonts and/or create your own designs, you NEED Creative Fabrica! A low monthly fee gives you access to thousands of design resources. There are files on Etsy from the same designers included with the membership! Click HERE to see this amazing resource.

Tumbler and Pen Blanks

There are dozens of sites where you can get tumbler and pen blanks. The problem is, you might not know which ones to trust. While I'm sure there are many other reputable sites, these are the ones that I have personally ordered from and trust with my business.

Tumblers & Pens
  • Makerflo Crafts Home of the ‘Crafter's Pen'– a SS gel pen that has an interchangeable outer chamber that can be decorated and it's refillable, too! They also have a nice selection of tumblers.
  • Resin Rockers They have SS refillable ballpoint ink pens and also carry the ‘Crafter's Pen'. They have a selection of acrylic snowglobe tumblers.